Free Interactions and How to Use Them with your Jemi Page

Sameer Rao
3 min readNov 28, 2020

It’s finally here! We’re proud to bring you Free Interactions. Free interactions allow you to easily set up free group events, coordinate fan messages, and offer unique free ways to interact with your supporters!

Wait, what? I thought the whole point of Jemi was to help me make money. How do I make money when selling things for “free”?

Here are a couple reasons you’d want to consider using free interactions on Jemi:

You can now configure free interactions in your “Add New Interactions” view.

[1] Free builds good will

If you’re offering things for free, fans may be more willing to purchase some of your paid interactions or even leave a tip!

[2] Organize fan mail while preserving your email!

Many of our creators want to receive fan mail without putting their emails out there. You can now easily do that with a Jemi free interaction! Just create a free interaction on your Jemi page and your supporters will be able to write supportive messages, send fan art, and show their appreciation without the risk of your personal email being spammed.

[3] Sometimes you really do want to offer things for free.

In certain cases, you may actually want to offer interactions for free! Whether it’s giving feedback on a fan’s writing or hosting a free group Zoom event, free interactions allow you to interact with your fans without requiring them to pay. For free group Zoom events, you can even use our limited quantity feature for smaller, regulated events. Remember, fans will also be able to tip you!

[4] Offer first come, first serve giveaways!

You can use Jemi as a way to provide items or products on a first come, first serve basis. Oftentimes creators do first come, first serve giveaways as a way of giving back to their biggest supporters, who often are the first ones to watch their Youtube video or see their Instagram post! Even more, you can use first come, first serve giveaways as a way of getting fans to turn on push-notifications for your social media posts so they are first to the giveaway.

Simply create a limited quantity, free Jemi interaction to set up first come, first serve giveaways. Check out how a gaming Youtuber might set up a free interaction to giveaway Xbox Live codes:

[5] Create a suggestion box to hear from fans!

Another use case for free interactions is to set up a suggestion box and hear back from your fans! This idea was inspired by Jemi creator Fred Stoller, who set up a suggestion box to hear what his fans would like to see on his Jemi page.

You can use a suggestion box to receive Jemi offering ideas, Youtube video ideas, feedback, and more from your fans!

Jemi creator Fred Stoller uses free interactions as a suggestion box

As you can see, free interactions are perfect for hosting free events, setting up a secure fan mail, and giving back to fans! Now go to your dashboard and give it a try yourself! You can configure free interactions from the “Free interaction” tab at the bottom of the “Add New Interaction” prompt.

Are there other ways you’re using free interactions for your Jemi page? We would love to hear about it! Reach out to and let us know!



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