How J-L Cauvin brought comedy shows into his own living room

One of the most frequently asked questions from creators is ‘How can I be successful on Jemi?’ Today rather than telling you ways you can be successful on Jemi, we thought we’d share one of our creator success stories: J-L Cauvin.

J-L Cauvin is a comedian who uses Jemi as a way to bring comedy shows during the pandemic to his own living room. We’ll share just how he did it below!

Meet J-L

J-L Cauvin is a stand-up comedian and writer, best known for his comedy videos impersonating former President Donald Trump. J-L entertains over 100k Twitter followers and over 60k Youtube subscribers with his comedy videos.

How J-L Uses Jemi

J-L’s success on Youtube and Twitter led to a number of fan requests asking for him to host comedy shows. With the coronavirus pandemic, however, it was dangerous to host a comedy show at an official venue.

J-L decided to follow what some comedians were doing and host some comedy shows on Zoom, but use Jemi’s platform to streamline the process. To date, J-L has hosted 4 Zoom comedy shows for his fans on Jemi, with over 300+ tickets sold.

J-L Cauvin hosting a comedy show in his own living room

J-L uses Jemi as an easy way to sell tickets to his show and automatically provide the details and information of the show to his fans. With Jemi, he’s also able to receive tips after the shows from fans who want to show their appreciation.

How does he do it? J-L picks a date for a Zoom comedy show, plans out a theme and the jokes he’ll make, creates a Jemi interaction for the show with his ticket price and any Zoom details, and promotes his show on social media. That’s it–Jemi handles the rest.

“Jemi has made doing shows for fans around the world a breeze and at the same time operates almost like a gift shop for them to browse as well. I’ve sold tickets to people around the world and have also had people purchase my albums, from Vermont to Australia, all through my Jemi page.”

J-L’s Jemi Page & Success

You can check out J-L’s Jemi page here. Here are a few highlights from his page that indicates his success:

  • J-L drives traffic to his Jemi page frequently using his social media
  • J-L offers multiple items on his store from merchandise to comedy shows
  • Each of his products have detailed descriptions so his fans know exactly what they are purchasing

J-L is projected to add $20K+ per year to his existing income with Jemi doing what he loves.

J-L’s Top 3 Tips for Success on Jemi

  1. Share your Jemi info on social media — the more people that migrate there the less susceptible they are to the whims of social media algorithms
  2. Give fans something new regularly to keep them engaged
  3. Use the Jemi team as a resource — they are like a rapid response team and can help you make your Jemi page and products better

Closing thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this first Jemi Creator Success Story and can take away some tips on how to improve your own Jemi page.

In the meantime, if you have any questions we’re available at



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Sharing experiences and strategic analysis of products/companies