Introducing Jemi Memberships

Sameer Rao
5 min readDec 15, 2020
One of the most requested Jemi features is finally here!


We’re excited to release a brand new feature for your Jemi pages: Jemi Memberships! Memberships allow you to provide your interactions to fans on a monthly payment basis (like a subscription) rather than a one-time payment. Memberships can be implemented with recurring interactions such as monthly group Zoom calls, access to a private community, or additional content that cannot be found elsewhere!

Isn’t Jemi specifically for one-time interactions?

Creators still have the ability to host one-time interactions on their page but can tailor specific interactions to be monthly–the power is with the creator. Keep reading to learn why you should implement Memberships on your page.

Why Memberships?

Secure income stream: The primary benefit of Memberships is that you will receive a recurring, stable income. Currently, your monthly Jemi income can differ by month with one-time interactions–fans may spend more during the Holidays than in the summertime. Memberships provide security and consistency knowing that your fans will be paying monthly as long as they are subscribed.

Foster stronger, lasting relationships with fans: Memberships allow you to provide repeated interactions with fans. Repeated interactions will enable creators to take ownership of their audience and establish strong relationships with their most passionate fans. Building a community with your fans is easier than ever with Jemi Memberships as you’ll be able to consistently provide interactions to those that are supporting you the most.

Offer something special to your superfans: Memberships will allow you to provide additional benefits for all the superfans you have that decide to become a member! For example, a creator may provide a weekly newsletter giving additional insights on their life or offer a monthly Zoom call with member fans. These exclusive benefits will incentivize fans to join your subscription and ultimately earn you more!

Click here to try subscriptions! Keep reading to learn more!

How are creators using Memberships?

A few of our creators have been beta testing Memberships! Here are some ways you can use fan membership subscriptions on your Jemi page:

  1. Fan Clubs and Private Communities
Actor Fred Stoller is using Memberships for a fan club!

You can use Memberships to build fan clubs! These fan clubs allow creators to offer paying fans exclusive access to group Zoom events, text or other communication tools, video shoutouts, or other creative interaction ideas! Fan clubs can also be implemented in the means of private communities such as a Discord server with superfans or a Facebook Group.

Fan clubs are unique in that they can be priced relatively high yet still allow the creator to manage a smaller group of superfans–high monetization with manageable maintenance. If you need any assistance or suggestions for pricing your membership, reach out to us at!

2. Monthly Interactions and Offerings

Vinay provides mentorship twice a month to subscribers

With Memberships (subscriptions), creators can now offer weekly interactions with fans. This can be in the form of monthly Zoom calls, mentorship chats, guitar lessons, and whatever creative interaction fits your brand. Check through your current Jemi page. See any interactions that your fans would like monthly? Add an option to subscribe!

We highly recommend creators offer the same or a slightly discounted price of a one-time interaction. For example, if a creator sells a Zoom call for $30, you could offer monthly Zoom calls at $25–30 per month so fans are incentivized to subscribe!

3. Merchandise, Products, or Services Monthly

This creator is using subscriptions to sell his photographs!

Creators can also offer merchandise, products, or services monthly to fans! An alternative to traditional interactions, products and merchandise are another way for creators to provide special offerings to their fans! Creators now have the flexibility of offering one-time purchases of merchandise or products on Jemi or offering monthly purchases of merchandise (T-shirts, magazines, art drawings, etc.).

4. Simple, recurring donations

This anonymous creator has set up a monthly donation box!

Some fans just want to support their favorite creators…monthly! Creators can now use Memberships to receive support from their fans on a monthly basis. This interaction option is a simple way to identify your superfans–the ones that are contributing with no expectation of a return!

5. Access to exclusive content

Another creator utilizes subscriptions to provide exclusive content

Creators create. Another use-case for Memberships is to provide access to additional content to fans. If you’re a TikTok star, you could provide exclusive TikToks. If you’re a Youtuber, you could share additional videos. If you’re an Instagram creator, you could send never-before-seen posts! Fans love creators primarily for the creator and their content. So, giving fans more content can prove fruitful!

Memberships (subscriptions) are revolutionary. Creators now have flexibility in the timing of their interactions–one-time interactions or monthly interactions. Memberships empower creators to receive recurring, stable income while providing consistent value to their fans. They enable creators to build stronger relationships with fans while providing the same valuable interactions.

We are so excited to see fan memberships change the game for your Jemi pages. You can go to your dashboard to start creating your Jemi Memberships today!

Already using fan memberships on your page? We’d love to hear all about it! Shoot us an email at!



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